Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am enough

The media bombards us with messages of our inadequacy and all of the things we should be acquiring right now to better ourselves and our lives. If we follow the gods of advertising, their Word is simply: "You can never be good enough. You will never have enough. Keep trying, keep buying, and maybe one day you'll be lovable."

It's a lie. You are at this moment exactly who you are meant to be, where you are meant to be, and doing what you are supposed to be doing. You are beautiful. You are sacred. You are loved. You are cherished. No put downs from others, no rejection letter, no self-loathing changes that. You are a wondrous gift meant to bless the world with your love, joy, and light.

It is not a job status or the size of your home or the cost of your car that determines your worth. You are innately lovable. You are innately, divinely worthy. And worthy right now -- not after losing 20 pounds or getting that big bonus.

That isn't to say we don't need to grow. Of course there is wisdom and experience always to be had. It means we give ourselves permission to stop berating ourselves. It means we give ourselves permission to break through fear and experience the life we are meant to live because we recognize we are worthy of it. Embrace and honor your gifts. Feed the fire of your creativity and share your soul with the world. Honor yourself and treat yourself well spiritually and physically.

Your moment is now. Your power doesn't exist in the dreams of the future or the regrets/accomplishments of the past. Your ability to experience miracles is in found in the now. The life you wish to lead is found in this very moment. But we can't fully appreciate life and all of the blessings we have until we stop the push for more, more, more and be grateful for the person that we are and the blessings around us. It goes against nearly everything society teaches us to find satisfaction in our life. But is one of the most necessary things to do for inner peace.

It takes a great deal of nerve, and an act of outright rebellion, to dig down inside yourself and find a voice that says, "I am enough." So take my hand friend. Welcome to the revolution.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where's your mind at?

Right now so many people are hurting. The tales of illness, job loss, and war fill the airwaves. The negativity has been unbearable for some, driving them to the violence we've seen making headlines.

We need a return to the light. We need a return to a perspective of joy. We need hope. It is more important than ever that each and everyone of us pay attention to our thoughts and emotions.

Too often we don't realize that our thoughts are creative energies. We manifest reality through our thoughts and each second make choices in creating our world. The universe hears our calls. If we come from a perspective of lack then that will become the seed of our lives. So it is important to focus on every blessing that we have. Most of us are fortunate enough to have some kind of shelter, running water, food in our stomachs, and family that love us.

So this is the question: Where's your mind at? Are you grateful? Are you doing something with your abundance of blessings to lift someone else up?

We each need to watch our words and interactions to make sure we are sharing positivity, joy, affirmation, and compassion as much as possible. Watch yourself and you may find yourself tempted to share some negative story or a complaint. Try to resist that and share something positive instead.

We need to use our spiritual tools to help us cope during this time. Don't neglect meditation, exercise, and play.

Pray. Our fault is not that we ask God too much, but that we ask of Him too little. Ask for your heart to be opened, your perspective to be changed so that you are able to lead the kind of miraculous life you are meant for. Pray for the abundance, peace, and healing of the Earth we so need right now.

Hold on to one another. We all need so badly to know we are not alone right now. Reach out so that no one feels they have to face whatever struggles and fears they might have on their own. Validate those around around you and remind them of how special they are, what a gift they are to the world. Let someone know what a difference he or she has made in your life.

If it takes not reading the newspaper or watching the news to help you feel more positive then do it. Instead take the time to sing, laugh, get out into nature, create a work of art. Do whatever will open your heart so you can embrace the light.

We can come together to create the world we all long for. It just takes awareness. It takes growth. It takes working through fears. It takes one thought at a time.