Thursday, July 30, 2009

Poem: Rebirthed.

He's calling me.
Warming my very blood.
Beating this heart back to life.
Filling my lungs with his breath.
With me,
within me.
So hot and full,
am I.

It's crazy this need,
heady this want.
For his voice
I'd gladly be dashed
upon the rocks.
For him,
I'd take a moment in his arms
and let my soul be damned.
All for the Beloved.
Anything for the One.

Love has shattered,
it has opened,
dissolved me,
in this fiery grace.

The world,
once mundane, now rebirthed
and extraordinary.
My lines so clear
now blurred.
And what was me,
and what was truth,
are not what they once were.

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