Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poem: Biting Back

This is an older piece. Just wanted to throw it up on this new blog to make it available.

Biting Back

I'm tasting blood
I'm biting back
so hard,
not saying what I'm feeling.
Incessant you are
with the moans,
the woe-is-me,
aren't I just tragic,
lost in my miseries?

And I think, not really.

I could swat you away
with all the concern
I'd grant a bug.
Just to get relief
from your attention craving,
tell me I'm worthy
and oh-please-praise-me's.

Either fight
Or accept in surrendering grace.
Either change
Or don't expect a shift to the pattern
Of your days.

I've tired of the broken record.
Listening with concern is at an end.
A warm heart has frosted o'er
in the cold of your darkness.
The charm of melancholy
long ago wore thin.

Soon there'll be no holding back
Words like daggers shall
Mortally and cruelly wound,
With no remorse or pity,
I'll slay this once love for good.

Yeah, go ahead weep
And scream,
try to hate me.
Pretend you won't miss me.
Wish to erase me.

But you know in the end,
I just gave you what you wanted baby.

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