Friday, June 12, 2009

Poem: Locked Within

So harsh it seems
this realm of broken souls
ugly cruelty.
And you would call me to join?
Why should I flee this semi-safety?
Even if it's illusion,
it comforts me.

So loud the You Shoulds,
You Can'ts,
of others.
I bear the scars of straying
from the rules.
I've offered my heart up on the altar of the world.
And you would ask me again
to bleed for you?

Too timid am I.
Too bruised.
Twice shy.
And now comfortable
in these shadows
Locked inside.

My deepest self calls this
a false fragility
and would have me stand in the light.
But bearing the thought
of nakedness before you
is more than I can do.

So I'll stay,
trying to silence
the roar of my thoughts.
I'll mourn the possibilities,
quiet my heart when it screams,
and pray,
till I find a stronger me.

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  1. Wow Melanie! I got that... Beautiful.