Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Anti-Valentine's Day Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day...the scourge of single people. When one is single on Valentine's Day, it can feel like the universe is taking a special time out to remind the single folk of all of the people who are in love and how flawed you as a single person must be to not be coupled up. And oh yes, everybody but you is having hot sex. Ah, poor poor single loser.

I used to do my all to just ignore the holiday as to limit the self-hating blows to my self-esteem. But I want to try a different focus this year. I think I'll form my own version of an Anti-Valentine's Day Valentine's Day.

So what will this entail? Here are a few suggestions.

1)Remind yourself that sometimes it's alot more pleasant to be single than in a relationship. I admit I get a kick out of Valentine's Day horror stories. They are funny and also a reminder that the wrong person causes a lot more heartache than being single. MSN.com has published a couple of such stories. Check out: Valentine's Day Horror Stories and True Tales of Valentine's Day Gone Awry.

2)Spread the love. Love is a beautiful thing to share with others. So why not take advantage of the holiday to share your gratitude and love for those important people in your life. Buy cards, make cookies, write a poem, or send anonymous flowers. Whatever your creativity leads you to. Other people are single on this day too remember. Maybe you can remind someone of how much he or she matters.

3)Be around somebody who loves you. We all need a reminder that we are important and loved. So get together with friends and have a special day or evening together. See family. Call a friend or family member you haven't spoken with in a while and catch up. Just do something that connects you with others and reminds you that you aren't alone. People do treasure and love you. So go enjoy that hug and the smile you see on your loved one's face.

4)Laugh. Nothing opens a heart like laughing. So even if you have to fake that grin till you make it....do it until you are smiling and laughing for real. See a funny movie. Share a good joke with a friend. Seek out your funniest storytelling friend and just enjoy his banter. Let the joy in.

5)Indulge your anti-Valentine side. Sometimes all of the Valentine's Day fuss is just too much and it can hurt. Well that's what movies like My Bloody Valentine are for. Watching those frisky couples get their comeuppance can be very amusing for those feeling rejected that day. So take in something that is the absolute opposite of a romantic comedy. Watch a horror or action flick and get in a different frame of mind.

So those are a few suggestions for getting through this week of love. I plan on doing all of these. I will be getting cards and baking for friends here at work. Plus I'll be seeing my best friend and hanging out with her on Saturday to celebrate. And yes...a horror flick is likely on the menu.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Bright blessings, love, and joy to everyone.

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