Monday, February 2, 2009

Poem: Sing My Sister

Sing sister.
Your words and song flow through the night air,
enfolding me, warming me,
and I'm surrounded in wisdom and love.

Yes, sing sister.
I ache to have your harmony added to mine,
to know my story isn't solitary and to be kept in silence.

I am awed by you.
Moved by you.
Your words, your arms, the song of your soul
seem to stir my blood again.
I am awakened by your light
and the soporific blankets of denial and irresponsibility
are pulled off my sleeping spirit.

"Come!" you call.
"Heal and live" – you beckon.
"Seize this chance of becoming…
And push yourself to open, to grow" – you challenge.

Your voice so siren-like and intoxicating
pulls me forth.
I tremble -- fearing the deaths that must come
in order to truly live.
But you sense and see and steady me.
And there's a warmth I've seldom known in your eyes.
I'm not alone.
I'm truly not alone and love is real.
Ah sing on sister…
you give me the strength to dream.

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