Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poem: Fearing the Silence

Desperate and starved you are --
a little crazed from the work of avoidance.
I wonder why you can't see.
This pattern ever repeats.

Fearing yourself, the truth in the silence,
you fill your life with noise.
More appointments.
More meetings.
More gatherings.
Ever searching, never finding.

If you'd only listen!
The universe whispers to you --
secrets to all you crave.

unity you desire.
Yet you will not find this without
unless it is within.

Love me.
See me.
Need me.

You seem to scream.
Then wonder at the lack,
the silence that answers.

There's no one to heal you.
No one to fill the void inside.
No savior awaits.

Except you.

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