Monday, February 2, 2009

Poem: Sweet One

Sweet one…
angel that should be kissed
by heaven and showered in love’s light.
You shine radiant in this land’s stormy night.

For your heart is a force unstoppable,
your gentleness a balm on the tears and heartache.
Hope is your eternal offering.
Love flows forth from your smile.
And in your eyes
I can see
the abundance of my blessings.

You see into my promise
when my own eyes can’t begin to imagine.
Such blessed charity
your reminder of my true being.
You grant me rest
from the self-hating lashings.

Haunted by the depth of your heart.
Surrendering at the feet of the one
who led me to believe.
Lost in awe of your beauty.
There I’ve found peace.

who grants me grace
that every moment saves me.

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