Monday, March 16, 2009

The deliciousness of Life

Sometimes we are so caught-up in the busy-ness and practical survival tasks that we don't really cherish the gift that every breath is. It can take something devastating to make us stop and appreciate things.

My step-father is currently undergoing treatment for a very agressive and deadly form of lung cancer. You can bet he is longing for his pre-cancer body. The body that was strong and hiked up mountains. The body that savored the taste of food and could keep it down. The body that didn't have to undergo chemotherapy treatments that made his very sweat toxic to the point where his wife couldn't hold his hand, kiss his cheek.

So I want to say: Don't let it take something horrible to make you appreciate the deliciousness of every moment of life.

It's important to remember our senses and delight them. Focus on something that feels, looks, tastes, smells, sounds beautiful. You have a body that is a gift. We have an Earth around us that is nearly heart-breaking in its awesome beauty if you only look at it. We have artists crying out, trying to reach our hearts and move us. Here is an example of such beauty:

Life...real life...It's the taste of that favorite wine on your tongue. It's the feel of your beloved's hands giving you that much needed back massage. It's the smell of fresh flowers. It's whatever personally raises your vibrations and makes you feel alive and joyful and loving.

I challenge you to take the time to connect with your senses again today. Forget the television and the depressing news programs. Forget the chores that can wait that are taking you away from real living -- the dishes can always be done later; believe me they won't go away.

Now go and do something that makes you remember how to smile and opens your heart.

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