Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poem: Mercy Plea

Don’t call me,
Your voice’s siren song is irresistible.
I’d crash against the rocks of your shore
So willingly I’d fall and die for you.

Don’t touch my cheek,
Your fingers warm my skin,
Awaken the blood that needs to cool
So heady with desire for you I am.

Don’t hold me,
You arms around me feel like home,
Your perfume fills my head and drunkens me
And clarity will be the only victor o’er my heart.

Don’t love me,
Don’t kiss me back to life,
Make my body sing
For I would believe, I would succumb to the dream of you.
My heart would beat for our time together,
My hands would not have a purpose but to touch you again.
And your face would be the only delight to these eyes.

Don’t say you’d stay.
I’d be abandoned as your hero swept in, taking you from this maid.
Half alive without you that I adored.
You would have my heart despite the lack of warmth
My tears would fill my room and drown me
With visions of you with him.
His skin under your lips,
Shivering with the skill of your fingers.
Murmuring his name in the midnight black instead of mine.

So don’t… darling temptress.
Don’t pretend and lie pretty lies
Push me not toward the fall.
Let me keep my ground.
Let me keep my heart whole.
Let me go.

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