Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem: Let him stay

Sleep won't come.
I miss your quiet breathing
in this too empty night.
Wanting you home,
in my arms,
to have the world set right,
not this prelude to being alone.

Not this fear.
Not this sickness.
Not this helplessness.
Not this nightmare
of drugs,

And the clock ticks.
I toss and turn.
Not being able to stand
the thoughts that come
in the stillness.

Love I need you.
And wonder how I'm
to be parted from you,
when each second is
possibly one of a precious few
I have with you.

So I'll lie here...
breathing in and out
and holding back tears
till the dawn comes,
till I can be at your side.
And I'll pray,
Please God,
let him stay.

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