Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem: Killing with God

For those that saw this in a previous incarnation of my blog, forgive me. I wanted to get this out there again for new readers.


Killing with God

You kill with God.
Twist and warp the words of light
to shadow.

With every breath you pierce
the armor of the innocent
wound their hearts,
slowly and deliberately
kill their spirits.

Your eyes divulge
your pleasure at their pain --
dancing in delight and devilry.

Your fires have burned through my kind
and the loving peaceful soul
that long ago met your blades and tortures
stands again against
the would-be inquisitors.

Your false righteousness shall
be revealed in the effulgence of truth.
And you will fall,
even if I must call upon
the magics of heaven and earth
to make it so.

I remember,
my lost brothers,
my sisters,
victims swallowed in your bloody wake.
Their cries haunt me.

They were truly children of God.
You are born of a darker force
and your invocation of His name is
an obscene curse.

Time has turned this tide.
I shall not hide.
I shall not be silent.
I shall not accept the fate
of your flames again.

For every child that took
his own life thinking that God hated him,
for every woman that hanged
for understanding power and healing
in ways you never could,
for every maiden killed
because she didn’t believe as you would
shall repay you their suffering threefold.

There’s no mercy no more.

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