Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poem: The invisible

Sister, I hear you.
Your grief reached me.
Through the dark
I've come to you.
Give me your hand.
Let my love embrace you for a time.
My strength is yours,
take of it what you will.

Tell me your story
down to the smallest detail.
Open...there's nothing to fear.
Curse and rage till your anger is vented.
Weep till your pain has passed.
Laugh till your cheeks hurt and your eyes glisten.
I'll love you through it all.

You're not invisible.
You're seen for all you are.
Do you think your darkness, your diversity,
could drive me away?
My own soul plays a similar theme.
You're a kindred...not a stranger.
A radiant gift of light and love.
You can't even fathom your beauty.
But I see.
And I'll stay.

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