Friday, March 20, 2009

Poem: The Phone Doesn't Ring

The phone doesn’t ring.
The connection silenced and broken
By the weight of things unsaid.
No small talk to make now.
Any words that would come too cruel and cutting.
I want to ask if you’re afraid.
So strong and mean you once were.
Your brutal force now gone
Do you cry in the night at what may come?
Do you regret?
All those moments where love was neglected
And coldness chosen
Do they haunt you now?
Do you look at your children you chastised so harshly
And feel proud of them now?
Do they know?
I want to tell you how much you’ve hurt those around you…
Those same people who nurture and take care of you now.
I want you to ask for forgiveness. I want to see you breakdown.
I want to yell at the man and woman I knew.
But nothing is left of them now.
Just these sick, aged forms with spirits about to depart.

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